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Central Gas Extension Service

You can no longer bear the hassle of transporting full and empty gas cylinders to and from your home ?! Do you have difficulty changing gas cylinders in the absence of a man at home ?! Afraid to leave your children alone at home because of common gas accidents ?! This is what we have realized in “smart homes”. The main solution we carry is “central gas extensions,” consisting of a group of pipes that carry gas directly from a central storage tank located in a dedicated room at home or from a source farther within the range Building.


The gas canisters are enough for you for almost a year in your tank, and the valves installed and regular maintenance by our specialized teams ensure that there is no possibility of gas. Any leakage with sensors, sensors and automatic safety valves will automatically close if there is any leakage.


No more anxiety and tension about gas cylinder access, especially during periods of solitude or lack of man at home, luxury, and comfort provided by the central gas extensions of smart homes; gas tanks are filled once a year, and maintenance is easy and at the lowest prices.

Multiple installation and maintenance services

Do you get upset by drilling, installation and maintenance? We provide you with the best services for installation and repair of gas lines, with the provision and installation of the most powerful safety monitoring devices for these networks and extensions, with the inspection and maintenance of these connections and detect any leaks in the least time and at the lowest price within the Kingdom without damaging the contents of the house or building.

The finest raw materials

In smart homes, we ensure that you rely on the best materials used to connect the central gas extensions worldwide, such as installing galvanized iron pipe fittings and valves of the best types, to avoid crashes or leaks, and no need for frequent maintenance.

Adds to the value of the building

If you want to rent or sell your premises, central gas piping will certainly earn a higher price, as this is one of the luxury elements of the building.

Staff at the highest level

Not only did we rely on the best experienced and trained technical experts in the delivery of central gas services, but we were keen to partner with the best European companies specialized in this area, to ensure that the service reaches the best levels for every Saudi home.

Five-year warranty period, two years free maintenance.
We have all spare parts, installation teams, and trained and efficient maintenance.