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Installation and maintenance of central vacuum cleaners

Luxury in its finest form, a giant broom that serves dozens of workers, comfort, and provision. Centrifuge and giant suction system with one button press, no complicated connections, and no additional power consumption. Powerful, noise-free filters no longer need the intricacies of traditional vacuum cleaners.


An exceptional suction force that is three times the size of conventional vacuum cleaners so you can easily reach the corners, corners, and edges easily and clean them well without bothering.


Without any inconvenience Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, the main motor and sound source are outside the building and in a closed room.


Due to the long shelf life, traditional vacuum cleaners are damaged and need to be purchased for each period, while central cleaners require only inexpensive and simple maintenance over spaced intervals.


It ensures a comfortable cleaning process without having to carry the waste collection bin as in traditional vacuum cleaners, stumbling into a pile of wires hanging from it or difficult to store. All that remains of the central vacuum cleaners inside the house is hose, accessories and cleaning heads only.

Fit all buildings

Houses, villas, palaces, residential complexes, mosques, factories, businesses and companies, boats.


Where there is no electricity within deafness, and the motor or main engine is outside the building, ensuring its safety against tampering with children.


All types of flooring (carpets, parquet, carpet, solid floors), walls, ceilings, furniture, furniture, ornamental trees, antiques and stairs without any difficulty.


Protect you and protect your family from many diseases such as chest diseases, breathing, allergies and difficulty sleeping, thanks to their ability to pull the atoms of fine dust and the emission of harmful exhaust or smelly.

Five-year warranty period, two years free maintenance.
We have all spare parts, installation teams, and trained and efficient maintenance.