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Our Services

Central vacuum installation & maintenance service

One-button giant central suction system, no complicated connections and no extra power consumption. Powerful filters and no noise, no longer needing the intricacies of traditional vacuum cleaners

Smart control systems

The latest luxury technologies from smart homes; We give you the complete ability to remotely control all electrical and electronic devices, with full and remote control also of lighting, surveillance cameras, blinds and doors, as well as optimum rationalization of consumption.

Solar energy systems

In Smart Homes, we provide you with the perfect solution for solar panels, which are one of the most important modern solutions for safe, economical, and environmentally friendly smart homes as well, with the finest materials, lowest prices and the finest designs

Central gas extensions

Central gas service, which is a set of pipes that carry gas directly from a central tank located in a designated room in the house, or from another source within the range in which the building is located